Grimm receives IEEE-CSC Carl H. Rosner Entrepreneurship Award

Dr. Terry Grimm, President of Niowave, Inc., (CSA CSM) has received the IEEE Council on Superconductivity Carl H. Rosner Entrepreneurship Award for 2010.

Grimm was presented with the award at a ceremony on August 2, 2010, at the Applied Superconductivity Conference in Washington, DC. According to the IEEE-CSC, Grimm was chosen “for demonstrating outstanding entrepreneurship skills in the field of applied superconductivity, in particular:

  • For the fouding of Niowave, Inc. and the commercialization of superconducting linear accelerators and electron injectors.
  • For the development of innovative superconducting niobium structures and manufacturing techniques, and,
  • For transferring these technological advances to the Department of Energy and to defense, homeland security, medical and industrial applications.”

As part of the award, Grimm received an inscribed plaque and an honorarium of $2,500.

The Carl H. Rosner Entrepreneurship Award aims to “recognize the potential impact of superconductivity on the field of electrical engineering, physics, medicine and energy by rewarding young entrepreneurs who have established a successful business or had the primary responsibility within a commerical organization to commericialize a device or service based on a property of superconductivity. The ward will recognize young entrepreneurs while they are still growing their business to encourage others to follow their path. This award is named after the Mr. Carl H. Rosner, whose career is an excellent example of a successful entrepreneur in the commercialization of superconductivity.”