BioCision and Brooks Automation launch cryogenic biospecimen handling and transport system

BioCision and Brooks Automation (a CSA Corporate Sustaining Member) recently launched the CryoPod Carrier, a jointly developed liquid nitrogen (LN2)-based system for the safe, reliable and protected handling and transport of cryogenic biospecimens. The portable data-logging carrier was unveiled on May 6 at the annual meeting of the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories in Phoenix.

The result of a 12-month joint development project, the patent-pending CryoPod Carrier is a breakthrough technology that enables more than four hours of < -150°C temperature stability for cryogenically frozen biospecimens and therapeutics, keeping them well below glass transition temperature where biological activity may cease. Researchers and clinicians often rely on improvised methods to handle and transport frozen biospecimens and therapies such as placing samples on dry ice, handling heavy LN2 dry shippers that must be transported on a cart or dolly, or handling unabsorbed LN2 in open containers that present a safety issue. These methods scan be hazardous for the operator, and often introduce temperature fluctuations that could impact the integrity of a frozen specimen or the efficacy of a valuable therapeutic.

According to BioCision and Brooks Automation, the CryoPod Carrier provides a safe, portable and trackable solution for hand-carrying temperature-sensitive cryogenically frozen biological materials through the use of a special material that holds and minimizes LN2 movement and prevents LN2 from coming in contact with the samples. The instrument displays temperature, date and time, and features audible and visual alarms, as well as logging capabilities. The carrier can integrate with an automated filling station, ensuring hands-free, safer handling, and replenishing the LN2 charge in less than 15 minutes.

With the emergence of cell therapy and other live therapeutics, as well as the rapid global growth of biobanks and repositories, CryoPod technology is intended to address a gap in the cold chain of custody and aid in minimizing temperature fluctuations for frozen specimens, preserving biosample integrity.

Both BioCision and Brooks will sell the CryoPod Carrier directly and through established distribution channels when it is available later this year.