JSAP publishes inaugural issue of the JSAP Bulletin

On Monday, June 29, the Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) published the first issue of its new JSAP Bulletin, a multimedia platform designed for PC and smart phone formats that highlights the activities of the JSAP. The society states that it aims to “inspire a global audience of scientists engaged in academic and industrial research, and perhaps even help plant the seeds of future collaborations through the research highlighted in the Bulletin.”

The inaugural issue features English language versions of articles originally published in the JSAP Oyo-Buturi journal, the flagship membership journal of the JSAP, as well as in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) and Applied Physics Express (APEX).

The JSAP Bulletin will be entirely renewed three times a year, in June, September and December. In between these dates, the News and Research Highlights sections of the Bulletin will be regularly updated. The contents include contributions from publishers, academic societies, research institutes and science and engineering news sources located in Japan and overseas. The JSAP Bulletin is being published with the support of the editorial teams of Oyo-Buturi, JJAP and APEX, together with administrative support from the staff at the JSAP office Tokyo.