CONCOA opens new facility in Taiwan

CONCOA has opened its second marketing facility and product support center in the Pacific region, an area the firm sees as strategic for investment and trade. Located in the greater Taipei area, the new facility supports business partners in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, South Korea and Taiwan. The first CONCOA Pacific center, which opened in 2002 in Kuala Lampur, continues to support business in countries and cities in the southern part of the region.

“CONCOA has been a key player in the Asia-Pacific region for many years,” says CONCOA President Sande Dukas. “When it comes to rare and special gases, laser gases, medical gases and gas-blending technology today, we see the importance of localized support in both regions to better provide customers with what they need when they need it.”

Many countries in the Pacific region are on a technology curve that is calling for use of cryogens and higher grade gases. The decision to locate the new center in Taipei, an economic hub, was based on leveraging focus in important markets.

Sales Manager Antony Li, a resident of Taiwan, is heading CONCOA North Pacific. Li comes from the semiconductor industry and has a strong background in technical sales and marketing.