Mattia Checchin earns first prize at SRF 2015 for poster on accelerator cavity work

Mattia Checchin, a PhD student at the Illinois Institute of Technology conducting his thesis research at Fermilab, won first prize for his poster on superconducting radio frequency (SRF) accelerator cavity performance at the recent 17th International Conference on Radio Frequency Superconductivity (SRF 2015) in Whistler, Canada.

Checchin’s work focused on better understanding the performance degradation of a superconducting accelerator cavity when it fails and becomes normal-conducting, a phenomenon known as a quench. His work will serve as guidance for improving the performance of SRF accelerators such as SLAC’s Linear Coherent Light Source II.

Checchin’s research is supported by Technical Division scientist Anna Grassellino’s DOE Early Career Award.

“Mattia’s work is an excellent demonstration of how Fermilab benefits from our outstanding SRF science program, bringing to the lab accelerator technology advancements, international recognition, high-impact science and the training of the next generation of brilliant young scientists,” Grassellino said.