Dimitri Delikaris named head of CERN Cryogenics Group

Dimitri Delikaris has been appointed head of the CERN Cryogenics Group (CRG), replacing Laurent Tavian. The CRG is responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of cryogenic systems used for the LHC collider, the fixed targets program and related cryogenic test facilities.

Delikaris holds a doctorate in high energy physics from the University of Paris XI. For the last 15 years, he has acted as CRG’s deputy-head and since 2009 he has also served as the industrial services coordinator for field support units at CERN. He joined CERN in 1988 as member of the DELPHI collaboration on the LEP electron-positron collider. He joined CERN’s Cryogenics group in 1991. As section leader, Delikaris was responsible for the operation of the cryogenic plants supporting both the magnets of the LEP accelerator and its detectors and the magnetic spectrometers of the fixed targets experiments in the SPS accelerator.

Tavian is now part of the management team of the Hi-Luminosity LHC project.