11 articles added to the Cryogenic Treatment Database

The Cryogenic Treatment Database, CSA’s resource for research and information in the field of cryogenic treatment, has been updated. We encourage you to visit the database and share this information with researchers and others in the field.

Articles that have been added are as follows:

Guo Jia, Chen Liubiao, Gu Kaixuan, Wang Junjie, A Cryogenic Treatment System for Treating Large Rolls (Physics Procedia Volume 67, 2015).

M. Arockia Jaswin and D. Mohan Lal, Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on Corrosion Resistance and Thermal Expansion of Valve Steels (International Journal of Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Sciences, March 2015, Volume 3, Issue 3).

Junji Li, Xiaojun Han, Xuqiang Wang, Dongyang Li, Xianguo Yan, Effect of cryogenic treatment on the residual surface stress introduced by grinding (Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing Vol. 9 [2015] No. 3).

N. B. Dhokey, A. Raskar, A. R. Hake, G. Mohapatra, Abrasive wear response of cryotreated EN45 steel in simulated wear test rig fixture (Tribology—Materials, Surfaces & Interfaces, July 2015).

Seyed Ebrahim Vahdat and Keyvan Seyedi Niaki, Design of metal matrix composite with particle reinforcement produced by deep cryogenic treatment (Materials Science & Engineering 87 [July 2015]).

Liqing Chen, Junjun Cui, and Weiping Tong, Effect of deep cryogenic treatment and tempering on microstructure and mechanical behaviors of a wear-resistant austempered alloyed bainitic ductile iron (MATEC Web of Conferences 21, 08008 [2015]).

Ilyas Uygur, Husnu Gerengi, Yusuf Arslan, Mine Kurtay, The Effects of Cryogenic Treatment on the Corrosion of AISI D3 Steel (Materials Research Vol. 18 No. 3, May/June 2015).

N. Min, H. J. Li, Ch. Xie, X. C. Wu, Experimental Investigation of Segregation of Carbon Atoms Due to Sub-zero Cryogenic Treatment in Cold Work Tool Steel by Mechanical Spectroscopy and Atom Probe Tomography (Archives of Metallurgy and Materials Science Volume 60, Issue 2, 2015).

Feng Hu, Kaiming Wu, Peter Damian Hodgson and Amir Abbas Shirzadi, Refinement of Retained Austenite in Super-bainitic Steel by a Deep Cryogenic Treatment (ISIJ International Vol. 54 [2014], No. 1).

M. C. Kumar, Dr. P. VijayaKumar, Dr. B. Narayan, Optimization of cryogenic treatment parameters to maximise the tool wear of HSS tools by Taguchi method (International Journal of Modern Engineering Research [IJMER] Vol. 2, Issue 5, July-Aug. 2012).

Ramdan, R. D.; Jauhari, I.; Izman, S.; Abdul Kadir, M. R.; Prawara, B.; Hadi, N., Shear mechanisms during cryogenic treatment of Ti6Al4V (Proceeding of the 12th International Conference on QiR [Quality in Research], Bali, Indonesia, July 4-7, 2011).