Chart Ferox and PPS Win Contract for LNG Reloading Station in Lithuania

Chart Industries, Inc. (CSA CSM) announced on February 25 that its Czech subsidiary Chart Ferox and EPC consortium partner PPS Pipeline Systems Germany have been selected to provide an LNG reloading station for AB Klaipėdos nafta at the Port of Klaipeda, Lithuania. The project’s aim is to develop Klaipeda as a Baltic hub and virtual pipeline to fuel ships and deliver LNG by truck to reduce the traditional dependence on imported pipeline gas. The €27.7 million agreement calls for the consortium to construct the associated infrastructure and to deliver the equipment engineering, production, installation and commissioning necessary to provide 6000 Nm3 of natural gas per hour.

“We are delighted with this prestigious award and excited to be working with our new partner, PPS Pipeline Systems. Both companies are experts in their respective fields with the experience and pedigree to deliver the project within an extremely aggressive timescale,” says Miroslav Cerny, business director of Chart Ferox.

Preliminary plans call for installation of five Chart cryogenic storage tanks, each measuring over 50 meters in length with an external diameter of almost six meters, to provide 5,000 cubic meters of LNG storage at the station. The facility will also be equipped with two loading areas for LNG trucks and jetty modules for ship bunkering. The LNG reloading station is expected to be operational within 15 months with full scope delivery anticipated during the second half of 2017.