Cryoport Signs Strategic Partnership Deal With Worthington Industries

Cryoport, Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with Worthington Industries, bringing together two established cold chain companies. Cryoport provides logistics solutions for a range of industries including biopharma, animal health and reproductive medicine, while Worthington, through its recently-acquired CryoScience by Taylor Wharton product line, manufactures cold chain storage, transport vessels and equipment that provides critically reliable transportation of biological commodities. According to the agreement, Worthington will design and manufacture biostorage and logistics equipment for use in Cryoport’s life sciences cryogenic logistics solutions.

“Worthington is one of the most important and most competent manufacturers serving our space,” says Jerrell Shelton, CEO of Cryoport. With the added competencies Worthington’s CryoScience by Taylor Wharton brings to Cryoport, we can concentrate on further advancing and expanding our cold chain solutions to meet the growing and varied demands for validated cryogenic logistics solutions in the life sciences market.”

Cryoport expects the partnership will provide it the opportunity to expand into other logistics areas such as storage, thereby advancing Cryoport’s offerings to clients in the storage and fulfilment areas of logistics, while Worthington says it will help meet the quality and reliability demands of the growing life sciences industry. “Cold chain logistics has become a strategic consideration, as there is an ever-increasing need for cryogenic logistics in the biopharma, animal health, cellular therapy and reproductive medicine markets,” says Andrew Pazahanick, VP and GM of Worthington’s CryoScience by Taylor-Wharton. “We are pleased to align our business with a key cryogenic logistics solution in the life sciences market that provides us immediate access to a distribution platform for our cryogenic products, equipment and services.”