Navy Buoys Cryogenic Radio Frequency Research

The US Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific recently awarded contracts that shore up its efforts to develop new cryogenic radio systems. The award covers a broad range of R&D, according to the bid proposal, including signal detection, conditioning, conversion, processing and storage.

The Navy evaluated three proposals and selected two for three-year contracts, awarding Hypres Inc. (CSA CSM) with $40 million and Out of the Fog Research LLC with $53 million. Both contracts include options that would extend the agreement until July 2021 and increase the monetary commitment to $67 and $91 million respectively.

According to the US Department of Defense announcement, both companies will compete for task orders over the contractual period. Work will be performed in San Diego and Mountain View CA.

Also covered in the contracts are plans to develop advanced cryogenic core digital and quantum memory technologies for military RF receiver systems; cryogenic RF technologies exploiting Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) configured as RF arrays; and a small scale cryogenic packaging system operating at or below 77 K on which cryogenic sensor package can be mounted for use in the direct detection of incident electromagnetic radiation.