New Multi-Layer Insulation Hybrid is Supacool

Technical Fibre Products has launched of a new variant of its Supacool range of lightweight cryogenic tissues. The offering is part of a broader range of technically advanced nonwovens from TFB that provide solutions for an array of applications across industries ranging from aerospace to defense. It features a lightweight microfine glass spacer tissue co-wound with aluminum foil, therein forming the basis of multi-layer insulation or super insulation that can be inserted between the inner and outer walls of a cryogenic vessel.

This new hybrid Supacool variant (58111A) was developed specifically to offer the key benefit of reduced wrapping time while simultaneously improving thermal performance, according to TFP. Advantages, the company says, include consistent alignment of the spacer tissue with the reflective layers, reduced thermal shorting due to the combination of alternating reflective foil and low conductivity spacer layers in a single product, as well as minimal outgassing in a vacuum due to the absence of adhesive or binder.

Both the new Supacool material and TFP’s Supacool M are certified to EN 1797 and NF EN ISO 11114-3, industry standards that validate its suitability for production of liquid oxygen vessels, according to TFP.