Technifab Restructures, Announces Three Divisions

Technifab Products, Inc. (CSA CSM) has announced organizational changes, segmenting its business into three distinct divisions—Technifab Cryogenics, Technifab CNC Manufacturing and Technifab Cryodewars.

“These three divisions enable us to clearly define our capabilities and product offerings to our customers across the wide range of industries we serve,” says Doug Short, Technifab CEO. “Using the name Technifab in each ties them together and reassures our customers that they will receive the same product quality and service they expect from us.”

Technifab Cryogenics will focus on the design, manufacture and installation of equipment used to store, transfer and control cryogenic fluids. These products include standard product lines in vacuum jacketed pipe, vacuum insulated transfer lines, cryogenic phase separators, liquid nitrogen injectors and a wide range of custom cryogenic equipment.

Technifab CNC Manufacturing (formerly Exactifab) offers custom CNC machining services per customer requirements as well as complete lines of vacuum flanges in both KF (QF) and Conflat (CF) designs.

Technifab Cryodewars manufactures low evaporation rate liquid nitrogen dewars for laboratory use and custom-designed dewars for analytical and industrial application.

Technifab Products, Inc. will continue as the overall corporate identity. It has been a privately held manufacturer since 1992, its products used by original equipment manufacturers and end users in a wide variety of applications and markets including the aerospace, electronics, food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.