Maglab Launching New Zine for Scientists, Nerds and Other Clever People

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (CSA CSM) is getting back in the publishing business with a new science magazine set to launch in 2017.

Tentatively titled Mag/zine, the publication will focus on high magnetic field research, targeting both scientists and science-interested readers. It is set to publish three or four times a year and will be available free in both print and online formats.

“The magazine’s goal is to convey the excitement, importance and promise of the varied types of experiments that rely on high magnetic fields,” says Kristen Coyne, web content director at the Maglab. “We plan to approach content in novel ways that will make the science accessible and engaging to non-scientists while maintaining the interest of scientists. We hope the level and tone of the content will allow scientists from different fields to better understand each other’s work and build bridges between potential collaborators at institutions worldwide.”

In advance of publication, the Maglab is soliciting responses to an online survey designed to capture first impressions, readership demographics and feedback on potential content. The laboratory previously published Flux magazine, targeting non-scientists, and MagLab Reports, a technical publication focused on scientific research and engineering.