Sumitomo Cryogenics of America Acquires Ferran Technology

Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc. (SCAI) (CSA CSM), has announced its acquisition of Ferran Technology Inc., a leading-edge provider of vacuum measurement and control instrumentation to the micro-electronics manufacturing industries, as well as scientific research and industrial vacuum markets.

“Ferran-Tech has unique vacuum measurement technology that will add significant value to our customer partners,” says David Dedman, CEO of SCAI. “We will leverage the existing SHI global sales and service network to provide local support worldwide.”

SHI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., designs and manufactures products that create the high vacuum environment needed to manufacture today’s advanced micro-electronics, flat panel TVs, cellular phone screens and other vacuum coated products. Acquiring Ferran Technology instrumentation, according to SHI, allows for expansion into products that measure and control the vacuum within the same environments and same markets.

“Advanced vacuum measurement and control instrumentation extends our range of offerings to our core semiconductor market and aligns with our strategy to provide world-class quality and technology solutions for our customers,” says Bob Deobil, president of SCAI.

“The staff, management and ownership of Ferran-Tech all came together in overwhelming support of SHI as the right long-term partner and the right group to bring our disruptive new technology to market globally. SHI provides the kind of financial strength and stability as well as the type of global sales and service network that our industry-leading customers demand,” says David J. Ferran, CEO of Ferran-Tech.