HYPRES Launches New Subsidiary, Expands Efforts in Quantum Computing

HYPRES, a CSA CSM known as the Digital Superconductor Company, has launched Superconducting Energy Efficient Quantum Computing, or SeeQC, a wholly owned subsidiary headquartered in Rome. SeeQC will focus on developing superconducting technologies for a variety of applications, including scalable fault-tolerant quantum computing, quantum communications and quantum simulators. The company will also work closely with its technology partners, including major European university labs.

“Significant research and technology development are being realized in universities and research teams throughout Europe,” says Oleg Mukhanov, CTO and Sr. EVP of HYPRES and managing director of SeeQC. “SeeQC will develop relationships with these quantum technology leaders who are on the forefront of ensuring scalable, commercially viable quantum information processing platforms are a part of the foreseeable future.”

SeeQC engineers will focus initially on the development of superconductor circuitry to resolve control issues in quantum processing systems. One immediate objective is the development of programmable cryogenic qubit controllers that include superconducting spintronic memory—a new brand of dense, very fast and energy-efficient memory being developed at HYPRES.

“We have reached a critical stage with our superconductor quantum computing efforts and an entity solely focused on this technology will take it to the next level,” says Richard Hitt, CEO of HYPRES and chairman of SeeQC. “It is the right time for HYPRES efforts in quantum information processing development to be connected more closely with the innovation leaders in Europe with the launch of SeeQC. We’re excited at the prospect for rapid progress this opportunity creates. HYPRES has collaborated with leading universities in Europe for many years and this is a logical extension of that legacy.”