Air Liquide Picks Lydall for ITER Project

Air Liquide advanced Technologies has chosen Lydall Performance Materials to supply insulation for cryogenic lines the company is manufacturing for the ITER fusion machine. Both are CSA Corporate Sustaining Members. ITER engineers use extreme low temperature to cool the superconducting magnets needed to confine and stabilize the machine’s fusion reaction. Air Liquide’s lines are one vital component of this cryogenic production system, designed to transport liquid helium through a 1.6km network that will distribute the cold power needed to run various ITER equipment.

For the project, Air Liquide will use Lydall’s CryoTherm® and double aluminized polyester film for insulation. “Lydall cryogenic insulation products provide one of the most efficient thermal protection solutions for liquefied gases,” the company said in a statement. “In the ITER project, storage and transfer of these gases is essential, and Lydall’s products prevent evaporation loss that could occur with a lesser quality insulation.”

Lydall is an established supplier of high-performance cryogenic insulation products to worldwide cryogenic equipment manufacturers, and its partnership with Air Liquide goes back decades to when the companies worked together on an installation at CERN. “We are proud to be a long-time supplier of Air Liquide and be a part of another massive project with them,” said Anatoli Kogan, cryogenic market manager at Lydall Performance Materials. “We value Air Liquide as a cryogenic partner and look forward to continuing to serve them for years to come.”