Cool Pair Plus Announces New Acquisition

Cool Pair Plus, a CSA CSM, announced that it has acquired the Tripwire product line from Simplexable LLC, calling it an important addition to its existing daVinci remote magnet monitoring system.

Tripwire was developed by Simplexable as a means to notify MRI magnet operators of anomalies in the magnet, including coldhead and compressor operations in addition to key parameters of the magnet itself. CPP says the addition of Tripwire will advance the technical robustness of its daVinci system, ensuring that customers benefit from the advanced system.

“It’s a win all around,” says Dick Branca, CPP’s director of sales, “existing CPP customers will have access to an improved daVinci product and for Tripwire customers they will have the support of the most dynamic magnet service company in the business.”