Linde Opens New Hydrogen Station in Germany

The Linde Group (CSA CSM) has opened another hydrogen station in Hannover, Germany. The company is using the next generation of its proprietary cryogenic pump, converting stored liquid hydrogen into a gaseous state compressed to 900 bar. There are currently 55 hydrogen filling stations in Germany, and 100 stations scheduled to be in operation by the end of 2019.

System operation is intuitive for drivers, according to Linde. The station allows for refuelling up to 200 cars per day in Hanover, a process taking only three to five minutes. Such advanced technology has also been rolled out to stations in the US, Japan and China, where the capacity of the liquid tanks can be increased from the current 400 kg to 800 kg if required.

Linde says that the range of such vehicles is between 500 and 800 kilometers per tank of fuel and that hydrogen provides an established way to expand the range of fuels available in the transport sector. For example, the operation of a hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicle causes no local pollutants or carbon dioxide emissions, according to Linde.