28th Space Cryogenics Workshop

CSA and NASA’s Cryogenics Technical Discipline Team announce the 28th Space Cryogenics Workshop (SCW), to be held July 17-19, 2019, at the Heritage Hotel, Southbury CT. All aspects of space cryogenics will be represented, with an emphasis on those related to space exploration. Several invited papers will be solicited in the areas of systems and technologies needed for the exploration of space, while workshop participants representing industry, academia and government will share their expertise through presentations and technical papers.

The workshop, which has been a Division of the Cryogenic Society (CSA) of America since 2000, originated in 1980 as a one-topical-day event within the International Cryogenic Engineering Conference. Starting in 1983, it has been hosted every two years in the US, in conjunction with the Cryogenic Engineering Conference/International Cryogenic Materials Conference (CEC/ICMC), usually in a venue close to, but not in the same city, as the larger conference.

Registration is now available at spacecryogenicsworkshop.org. In 2017, 79 registrants from eight countries participated in the workshop, and many more are anticipated for the 2019 session.

Co-chairs for the 28th workshop are Michael Meyer of NASA Langley Research Center and Adam Swanger of NASA Kennedy Space Center. Ali Hedayat of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and Franklin Miller of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, co-chairs of SCW 2017, serve as Awards Committee Chairs. Premier Partner is Lake Shore Cryotronics.

“Themes at the Space Cryogenics Workshop have become increasingly relevant with proliferation of the commercial space sector in recent years,” says Michael Meyer, discussing the development of additional new focuses for 2019.

Advancements are being made at a staggering pace, according to both Meyer and Swanger, and it is likely the world is witnessing the initial stages of full-scale commercialization of space. This includes management of low Earth orbit assets, mining of space-based minerals and crewed missions to other planets.

“Cryogenics will undoubtedly continue to play a pivotal role in the space arena,” says Swanger. “As visions become ever more daring—and the commercial space market grows—collaboration with the community becomes invaluable for continued progress.”

With this in mind, SCW 2019 will include various special topic areas, covering themes such as cryogenics for In-Situ Resource Utilization, habitation and life support applications; technical standards and methodologies for the commercial space enterprise; commercial space launchers and infrastructure capabilities; and advanced concepts and architectures complete with cryogenic system colliders.

Instructions for paper preparation and submission are included on the website. Papers are expected in all areas of cryogenics related to space applications, including missions, cryostats, components, sensors, instrumentation, cryocoolers, facilities, launch vehicles, cryogenic fluid management and more.

For more information contact Laurie Huget, Executive Director, Cryogenic Society of America – Email: laurie@cryogenicsociety.org — Phone: 708-383-6220 x302. ■