SHI Cryogenics Releases Highest Capacity 4K Cryocooler

The SHI Cryogenics Group (CSA CSM) introduced a new Gifford-McMahon Cryocooler model in January, its highest-capacity 4K cryocooler to date. The RDE-418D4 1.8/2.0W 4K cryocooler extends SHI’s existing range of 0.1W to 1.5W units, models already recognized as reliable and versatile systems that feature high cooling capacities, compact designs and orientation-free operation.

Compared to SHI’s other cryocoolers, the new unit increases cooling performance by 20 percent without increasing the cryocooler’s physical size or the compressor’s input power. According to SHI, the new cryocooler has a first stage capacity of 42/50W at 50 K (50/60Hz) and a second stage capacity of 1.8/2.0W at 4.2 K (50/60Hz). The new unit also features SHI’s established interface design, easing the ability to swap the new cryocooler into existing cryostat designs.

According to SHI, such cryocoolers provide a stable low-temperature solution for a variety of research purposes, including helium liquefaction, superconducting magnets and detector cooling. And in addition to the cryocooler, the complete system includes a helium compressor, gas lines and power cables. The compressors utilize scroll compressor capsules, have a 30,000 hour maintenance interval and are designed to deliver high pressure and oil-free helium to cryogenic refrigerators.