Altus Midstream Announces First Cryogenic Processing Train in Service at Texas Complex

Altus Midstream released the first of its three new cryogenic processing trains at the Diamond Cryo Complex in Alpine High TX. It is now processing rich natural gas and delivering natural gas liquids (NGLs) and residue gas for sale.

This initial facility is the first of three units scheduled to begin operations in 2019, with aggregate nameplate capacity of 600 million cubic feet (MMcf) per day, which can produce an estimated 60,000 to 75,000 barrels of NGLs per day at Alpine High for Altus’ primary customer, Apache.

“We are thrilled to have the first unit of the Diamond Cryo Complex in service and quickly increasing volumes towards nameplate capacity of 200 MMcf per day,” said Altus CEO and President Clay Bretches. “This is just the beginning for Altus. By the end of 2019, we expect to triple our cryogenic processing capacity at Alpine High with the in-service of train #2 in July and train #3 in the fourth quarter of this year. Trains #2 and #3 are proceeding on budget and on schedule.

“These cryogenic processing facilities feature state-of-the-art SRX processing technology, which optimizes processing economics with better NGL recoveries in both ethane recovery and rejection mode versus more commonly used processing methods in the Permian Basin. Better recoveries will drive enhanced netbacks for Apache and provide a competitive advantage to Altus for third-party business.”