NASA Explorers: Apollo Audio Series Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

From the early days of the Apollo program to today’s scientists who are charting the future of lunar exploration, NASA Explorers: Apollo tells lesser-known stories about the moon and the people who explore it. While 12 people have walked on the lunar surface, thousands more have contributed to our understanding of the moon and this audio series shares their stories.

“Our goal is to shine a light on the many different kinds of explorers who are helping NASA learn about our moon today,” says NASA audio producer Katie Atkinson. “With this series, we wanted to emphasize the connection between past and present lunar exploration.”

In the audio series, listeners will hear from a moon detective, scientists who study space rocks and people from all over the world whose lives were shaped by the epic adventures of the Apollo program. NASA Explorers: Apollo also incorporates recordings collected through the Share Your Apollo Stories with NASA initiative. Listen to people from all over the world recount their favorite Apollo memories or share their hopes for what’s yet to come in space exploration.

“In so many ways, this is really the golden age of understanding our solar system,” NASA scientist Dave Williams said. “There are all of these sorts of amazing missions out there now, returning data at rates and with instruments that we couldn’t have even dreamed of [50 years ago].”

Several artists and musicians worked with NASA to create NASA Explorers: Apollo. The series features music by Daniel Wytanis and Lee Rosevere, original artwork by Stephanie Zeller and data sonification by Matt Russo and Andrew Santaguida of SYSTEM Sounds. These artistic elements are woven into the series, along with audio selections from the NASA archives and voice recordings from people all over the world.

You can find the series at You can also listen on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Facebook Watch.

Attendees of the 28th Space Cryo Workshop being held July 17-19 in Connecticut have the chance to win their own piece of Apollo memorabilia in the form of a Lego Saturn V rocket kit.

The previous season of NASA Explorers was all about the frozen places on our planet, Earth’s cryosphere, and is also available for listening.