Chart Industries Supplies Nitro Beverage Manufacturers

Chart Industries, Inc. (CSA CSM) is a key supplier for liquid nitrogen dosing products in food & beverage nitro manufacturing. On August 2, Starbucks gave out free Nitro Cold Brew at stores across the United States. While the in-store shots are from compressed nitrogen gas, Chart liquid nitrogen dosing is used in another Starbucks product, Double Shot Coffee, which is sold and served in aluminum cans. Liquid nitrogen dosing adds pressure in the can for the packaging process.

Chart liquid nitrogen dosing technology supports and expands the distribution of Cold Brewed Coffee. This technology is not only beneficial to companies like Starbucks, but supports hundreds of small scale cold brewed coffee makers around the world. Chart’s liquid nitrogen dosing technology provides the same cascading effect for cold brewed coffee served in cans.

“We are excited to support our customers’ focus on the benefits of nitrogenation in beverages, further expanding our specialty markets which are expected to grow double digits in the next three years. We expect further market penetration globally as the nitrogenation of beverage applications becomes more and more common,” said Jill Evanko, Chart’s CEO.