Hyundai Reveals New Concept for Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Electric Truck

by Molly Burgess, news journalist,

Hyundai Motor Company has revealed the first rendering images of its new concept for a hydrogen powered fuel cell electric truck, the HDC-6 NEPTUNE. It debuted this new commercial truck concept during the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta this month.

“We have cemented the fuel cell technology leadership position in the passenger vehicle sector with the world’s first commercially produced fuel cell electric vehicle and the second-generation fuel cell electric vehicle, the NEXO,” said Edward Lee, head of commercial vehicle business division at Hyundai. “With the induction of the HDC-6 NEPTUE, in addition to the road proven Xcient fuel cell truck, we expand our technology leadership into the commercial vehicle sector by unveiling our vision of how fuel cell electric trucks can resolve the environmental equation of widely used commercial vehicles and our commitment to create a decarbonized society.”

Hyundai’s name for its new concept recognizes the Roman god of the seas, Neptune, symbolizing the hydrogen powered natural elements of the sea.