QuinStar Completes Contribution to NASA Mission

QuinStar (CSA CSM) has successfully completed a 28-month program with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory that developed flight hardware for the NASA-ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) mission. QuinStar’s deliverables included Ka-band solid-state power amplifiers—an enabling element of the communication payload for the high speed, space-to-earth datalink.

The NISAR satellite uses advanced radar imaging to monitor changes to both the Earth’s surface and to the aboveground woody vegetation biomass. Additionally, it takes measurements of complex processes such as ecosystem disturbances, ice-sheet collapse and natural hazards. This invaluable scientific data will provide a better understanding of the ever-changing Earth, benefiting humankind and facilitating responsive resource and hazard management. https://nisar.jpl.nasa.gov