Linde Cryogenics Supplies First of Kind Helium Recovery System to Sumitomo Cryogenics

In late March, Linde Cryogenics (CSA CSM) delivered a modular helium recovery system to Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc’s (CSA CSM) Allentown PA production facility. By capturing and recycling helium from production operations, the system is expected to reduce consumption of purchased helium at its production facility by 70%. The system is engineered to fully integrate with SHI’s operation with no added operator intervention.

“This state-of-the-art solution provides our customer immediate operating cost savings”, said Carlos Conerly, president of the natural gas division of Linde Engineering Americas. Helium conservation is becoming increasingly important as helium availability is on the decline and prices are expected to remain high. Helium is also a finite, nonrenewable resource. Conerly added, “This system will allow industrial consumers of helium to realize cost savings year after year, and the modular approach adds the ability to easily expand recovery capacity. Companies are increasingly focused on sustainability—both for their business and the preservation of resources like helium.”

”This was a fairly large project for us,” said Steven Thomas, director of operations at SHI. “Not only were we purchasing the purifier, but we built a small building to house the equipment. The team at Linde was great to work with during the entire project, from design through startup. Even beyond startup, they are always available to help if we have any questions regarding the equipment.”

Linde Cryogenics, a division of Linde Engineering Americas, is a leading supplier of helium liquefaction systems for laboratories, aerospace, scientific and commercial applications. The company offers standardized and customized products as well as operator training.