US Energy Secretary Brouillette Praises National Labs’ Contributions

In comments made in conjunction with the August 14 groundbreaking of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s (PNNL) Grid Storage Launchpad (GSL) project, US Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette expressed praise for the country’s national laboratories and their continued contributions to innumerable industries, including power and energy.

According to PNNL, the GSL is an “accelerated development of next-generation energy storage technology as a national priority for modernizing the power grid and unlocking a broad array of economic and societal benefits. The DOE’s Office of Electricity has selected PNNL in Richland WA as the site for a new, national grid energy storage research and development facility that includes investments from the State of Washington, Battelle and PNNL.” The goal is to make the nation’s power grid more resilient, reliable, secure and flexible while enabling the full value of diverse energy resources to be realized.

“I had the honor of visiting PNNL and seeing firsthand how DOE-funded research and development conducted by some of America’s top scientists is driving the scientific discovery that will keep America safe, secure and competitive. Their important work will continue to protect our nation’s power grid, expand our energy storage capabilities and increase energy efficiency and reliability across natural gas, oil and renewable energy sources.

Our 17 National Labs, like PNNL, are the true incubators for the creative solutions that will maintain and enhance American energy security and independence. Whether it’s at PNNL or one of our other ‘crown jewels,’ DOE is committed to investing in first-wave research and development that fuels energy innovation for energy technology, natural gas and renewable sources. We are proud that our National Labs are leading the way in energy storage technology advancements, new infrastructure and measures that reinforce the reliability and flexibility of the national power grid.”