Foundations of Cryocoolers Virtual Webinars

Plan now to join us for this in-depth exploration of all things cryocoolers!

Normally presented in conjunction with the International Cryocooler Conference, the educational and experience-based Foundations of Cryocoolers Short Course is moving online with ICC as a series of Webinars. Perfect for cryogenic veterans and students alike, this online course will provide an invaluable base from which to improve either your ICC experience or understanding of cryocoolers for industrial, research or commercial applications!

Topics will include:
Oct. 6 Introduction and applications
Oct. 8 Thermodynamics and heat transfer
Oct. 13 Joule-Thomson cryocoolers
Oct. 15 Brayton cycle and heat exchangers
Oct. 20 Stirling and Gifford-McMahon cryocoolers
Oct. 22 Pulse tube cryocoolers and very low T
Oct. 27 Regenerative cycle modeling and comparisons
Oct. 29 Fabrication and measurements

Register online at Registered attendees will receive meeting information including Meeting ID and Password prior to the BlueJeans®-hosted event.