ASC 2020 Is Ongoing

The organizers of the 2020 Applied Superconductivity Conference are presenting a completely virtual conference through November 7, 2020. The format aims to accommodate international attendance and make viewing presentations convenient and easy to experience.The two-week format aims to accommodate international attendance and make viewing presentations convenient and easy to experience.

Since the virtual ASC 2020 was tentatively announced, organizers have been working to secure a virtual conference platform that provides a first-rate conference experience while keeping the cost to attend the virtual meeting to a reasonable level. Shortly before the event began, organizers announced, “We are pleased to work with Whova® for plenary and oral presentations, as well as overall meeting scheduling, and iPosterSessions® to provide a unique and highly interactive poster and exhibition platform.”

The Program Committee is presenting a virtual meeting that facilitates viewing of presentations on demand when convenient, while also providing the spontaneous live discussion and sidebar meetings that make the in-person event valuable. Some features of the online platform are unique as they are not possible with an in-person meeting: dynamic content in posters, poster gallery sorting, threaded chat in moderated discussions, polling, contact notification, attendee matching by interest and topical area and searchable attendee profiles.

The virtual ASC 2020 has an exhibition platform featuring top manufacturers and suppliers in the cryogenics community, and the virtual platform provides detailed analytics and related features that could not be provided by an in-person meeting. The program also features important events for students, post-docs and rising professionals as a new activity called “Elevate,” where career and professional training, panel discussions, meet-ups with keynote speakers and diversity events are held.

Organizers have also announced that the ASC 2020 papers will be published in a special issue of IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, where all presenters have the opportunity to submit a manuscript for consideration. All registered attendees will receive a link to download the entire special issue when it is complete next year.

This year’s ASC board officers include Lance Cooley of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL), president and conference chair; Arthur Lichtenberger of the University of Virginia, vice president; Eric Hellstrom of the NHMFL, secretary; Bruce Strauss from IEEE/CSC, treasurer; Kathleen Amm of Brookhaven National Laboratory, past president and assistant conference chair; Matthew Jewell of the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, past president; Luisa Chiesa from Tufts University, vice presidentof nominations and ASC 2024 chair and Bernhard Holzapfel and Paul Seidel as EuropeanSociety for Applied Superconductivity co-reps and IEEE/CSC’s John Przybysz as CSC president elect.

“It is ironic that, one year ago, we chose ‘Horizons in clear view’ as the conference theme,” the committee said. “Having now passed through the major trials of 2020, with more undoubtedly still to come, we have been reassured by the widespread support that we have received from the applied superconductivity community. We are convinced that, indeed, the virtual ASC 2020 will be the gathering that brings into clear view the technical challenges, key persons, and major opportunities in applied superconductivity.”

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