JanisULT, Formerly Janis Research, Launches New Website

In August 2020, Janis Research Company, LLC (CSA CSM) announced a formal change in company name to JanisULT (a trading name of American ULT Cryogenics, LLC) following the successful sale of their laboratory cryogenics business to Lake Shore Cryotronics (CSA CSM). On March 12, the company announced their updated website, https://www.janult.com/.

Since 1961, Janis Research Company has been providing the scientific and technical community with the highest-quality cryogenic equipment for research, characterization, and industrial applications.“JanisULT offers the widest range of helium-3 and dilution refrigerator systems available on the market. Whatever your application, whether you prefer a traditional cryogenic solution, or a cryogen-free design, we probably have a design that suits you, and if not, we will customize a solution for your specific needs,” said Phil Pickering, CEO of JanisULT.

“Over the years, our family of customers has grown to include some of the world’s largest corporations and best-known research centers and institutions,” he continues. “The reasons for this record of success are simple: precision engineering and quality manufacturing; ease-of-operation; reliability and performance; and a level of personalized service and support unmatched in the industry. There are significant growth opportunities for ultra low temperature solutions as an enabling technology for the emerging quantum technologies market, and the company’s new focus and site will help to address the changing needs of our customer base even more effectively than before.”

JanisULT remains a private employee-owned entity and will continue to operate from their headquarters in Woburn MA. USA with a renewed focus on ultra low temperature solutions based on helium-3 and dilution refrigerators.