Who is Frosty?

by Laurie Huget, former CSA executive director, laurie@huget.com

You have seen the cute little white smiling CSA mascot, “Frosty,” with our logo on his tummy. You may have wondered about his story.

We’ve been featuring Frosty in many iterations, especially in the CryoChronicle, with holiday themes and—more recently—with a mask reminding us to be safe during this pandemic. But where did he come from?

When CSA was exhibiting at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry during a career event, I walked the aisles to see what was being shown. At a booth for a major utility company, I saw these cute little white fellas with their open arms and a logo on their tummies. The exhibitors explained that they could be used to hold business cards and also for cell phones. I decided CSA needed to have them!

What to call this cute little novelty? We came up with an inspired answer!

Glen McIntosh has been a major force in the cryogenics community for a long time. He also has been a major contributor to the Cryogenic Society of America in many ways.

The name for our mascot came from Glen.

Glen wrote a series of columns for Cold Facts magazine, starting with “Emerging Cryogenics,” which covered the development of cryogenic technology from the early 1950s to 1999. From 2011-2013, he wrote a new column, “Cryogenic Concepts,” going into detail on practical, technical issues crucial to cryogenic engineering. This led to Glen’s contributing to the CryoChronicle starting in September 2014, with the challenging “Kryo Kwiz,” posing some really tough questions. The character Glen introduced, the wise guy with all the answers, was called “Frosty.” So, we decided to send our mascot, now appropriately named “Frosty,” to the winners who were able to figure out the answers to Glen’s hard questions!

For a short time, Glen switched it up and created “Ask Frosty,” inviting readers to send him their tough questions. But it turned out that Glen was better at posing the questions than the readers and the column was short-lived.

However, Frosty lived on and is still a fun symbol for all the smart, tech-savvy members of CSA!