CryoWorks Names New CEO, Timothy Mast, Jr.

On June 1, California-based CryoWorks, Inc. announced that the company’s board of directors has named Timothy Mast, Jr. as chief executive officer and president, effective immediately. Mr. Mast, Jr. has worked at CryoWorks since 2011 and has served as vice president of operations since February 2019. He succeeds Timothy Mast, Sr. and Donna Mast, who are transitioning into board of director roles.

In their newly established board of director positions, Timothy, Sr. and Donna Mast have been elected chairman and director, respectively. Mast, Sr. and Mrs. Mast founded CryoWorks in 2009, pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams with their desire to take control of product quality and company culture. They will continue their presence at CryoWorks, as they mentor, set goals, guide, oversee management decisions and remain part of CryoWorks’ ongoing operations.

“Donna and I are excited to welcome Tim, Jr. into his new position. From day one, he has established processes and procedures that have enhanced our products and services,” said Mast, Sr. “He has had a significant impact on meeting our growing demands, growing our operations, taking care of our existing and emerging markets, while staying true and vigilant to our founding recipe.”

“I am very excited to be taking on this new position and appreciate the opportunity and the continued mentorship and support I receive from my parents,” said Mast, Jr. “We have a very talented team that allows us to continue providing high end products and services to our existing partners and positions us to continue ventures into emerging markets. I plan to continue the growth and development of the family business while honoring the key values that my parents have instilled in CryoWorks. We Make It Happen, We Make It Easy, and We Make It Fun!”