Montana Instruments Introduces CryoCore™ for High-Throughput Electrical and Optical Materials Characterization

This April, Montana Instruments Corporation, a manufacturer of high precision, fully automated closed-cycle optical cryostats, introduced CryoCore™, a new streamlined cryogenic platform built for high-throughput electrical and optical materials characterization. Using advancements in thermal and low vibration design, the cryostat is a low vibration, cryogen-free system that allows users to access cryogenic temperatures from 4.9 K – 350 K.

The CryoCore platform includes a touchscreen user interface along with all control electronics, vacuum pumps and monitoring systems required to automate the temperature control across the entire range. “Despite the many application benefits of working at low temperatures, not all researchers are experts in cryogenics or have the budget for complex cryogenic systems,” said CEO Mark Carroll. “With CryoCore, we’re offering a streamlined version of our standard technology, which allows more labs access to Montana Instruments’ cryogenic expertise to accelerate quantum research.”

The system provides five window ports, 12 low frequency DC lines and two high frequency RF coax lines to accommodate a range of optical and electrical measurements while jump-starting research right out-of-the-box. Push-button cooling, automated temperature control and an integrated vacuum system gets users up and running quickly without the need to monitor multiple pieces of equipment. “Traditional low cost, closed-cycle systems require heavy time investment by the end user to get them running and keep them running optimally,” explains VP of Engineering Josh Doherty. “We already know how to design usability into a high performance system, and now we’ve made this more accessible for a larger group of potential users.” In addition to CryoCore, Montana Instruments plans another new product roll-out in September.

“There is a lot of work happening behind the scenes in the quantum research space,” notes Carroll. “Montana Instruments is positioned to serve users at all ends of that spectrum–from quantum computing to quantum networking, materials research and workforce development. We’re excited about the opportunities for CryoCore to meet some of those needs.” ■