Particle Physics: High Energy Physics

Cryogenics and High-Energy Physics 1. From symmetry magazine: Cryogenics is the study of how materials behave at temperatures near absolute zero. In high-energy particle accelerators, such frigid temperatures reduce the electrical resistance of wires in superconducting magnets, increasing the magnet strength and allowing faster particle acceleration. The same holds true for superconducting cavities, cryomodules, … Continue reading Particle Physics: High Energy Physics

Boeing 777 and problems with ice in fuel

In January 2008 British Airways flight BA038, a Boeing 777 that departed from Beijing, crashed while on final approach to London Heathrow airport after both its jet engines lost power, a condition known as roll-back. Dr. Ralph G.Scurlock explains how the UK and US Air Accident Investigation authorities, together with Boeing and Rolls-Royce, carried out simulation tests and decided that the uncontrolled roll-back appeared to arise from water freezing to ice in the jet fuel and creating unexpected blockages in the fuel supply systems on the aircraft.