Academics rallying to boycott Elsevier

Over 4,000 scientists have signed an online petition in protest over the pricing and distribution policies of Elsevier, a publisher which sells over 2,000 academic journals along with 20,000 other books. Many of the signatories are distinguished academics at such institutions as Harvard, Yale, McGill, Cambridge and Oxford. They promise not to submit work to Elsevier journals, or to referee or edit papers appearing in them. The number is growing daily.

MSU Board approves next step of FRIB project

The Michigan State University Board of Trustees has given its approval to the next step in the development of the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, a world-class nuclear research facility that will attract scientists from all over the world to East Lansing while creating more than $1 billion in economic activity in the region.

The capability for producing niobium sheets

The International Linear Collider will need about 16,000 superconducting radiofrequency cavities, devices that accelerate electrons and their antiparticles, positrons, along microwaves to near speed of light. These cavities are made out of pure niobium, which means the ILC community needs 500 tonnes of high-purity niobium processed into nice, smooth sheets.