The Rebirth of CSA

In 1984, 20 years after its founding, the Cryogenic Society of America was re-incorporated in the state of Illinois under new leadership. President Romuald (Ray) Szara explained the changes in a letter to the membership quoted in Vol. 1, No. 1 of the new CSA magazine, Cold Facts.

The Birth of CSA

The Cryogenic Society of America was founded in 1964. David Carse, the first national President of CSA, traced the “history” of the newly formed body in his article “Cryo Comment,” published in Volume 1, No. 1 of the society’s journal, Cryogenic Technology.

Report on World Congress of the ISC

The 17th World Congress of the International Society of Cryosurgery was held in Bali, Indonesia, last December. At the opening ceremony, Prof. Dr. Akmal Taher, Sp.U(K), Director General of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, welcomed the delegates. A total of 109 delegates from four continents attended what was agreed to be one of the most favorable worldwide scientific and medical events.