Who is Frosty?

You have seen the cute little white smiling CSA mascot, “Frosty,” with our logo on his tummy. You may have wondered about his story. We’ve been featuring Frosty in many iterations, especially in the CryoChronicle, with holiday themes and—more recently—with a mask reminding us to be safe during this pandemic. But where did he come from?

Why Choose One Cryogenic Transfer Hose Over Another?

Hoses are one of the unsung heroes of cryogenics. They aren’t directly responsible for the production or storage of cryogenic liquids, nor do they make headlines in the same way that innovations enabled by cryogenics do. However, hoses are found throughout cryogenic processes and in many products like MRI machines where movement and flexibility are required.

Cryomech Restructures, Introduces Improved Cooler during Pandemic

While 2020’s pandemic altered “business as usual” for nearly every organization, operation and individual around the globe, some businesses took advantage of the necessary changes to reflect on their operations and expectations. Late last year, Cryomech (CSA CSM) took the opportunity and restructured internally. Now, the new—and growing—team has introduced the PT425, an improved, more powerful version of their PT420 pulse tube cryocooler.

Jefferson Lab Sets Date for 2022 Open House Event

The Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab, CSA CSM) will open its doors to the public for its next Open House event on March 26, 2022. The free event will offer an opportunity for people of all ages to explore Jefferson Lab’s world-class research facility, including tours of the lab’s unique facilities, hands-on activities and interactive demonstrations.

A Breakthrough For Electric and Hydrogen-powered Aircraft

A major breakthrough in electric propulsion for long-range aircraft could soon be on the horizon. The presence of a cold source, in the form of liquid hydrogen, alongside superconducting technologies promises to unlock new possibilities. The ASCEND demonstrator project by Airbus UpNext aims to mature these technologies to significantly boost the performance of electric- and hybrid-electric propulsion systems in future low-emission aircraft.

NASA SLS Green Run Testing Complete, Boeing Readies Core Stage for Tow to Florida

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) program and prime Core Stage contractor Boeing wrapped up the Green Run testing campaign on the Artemis 1 flight article at the Stennis Space Center and are readying the vehicle for its long-awaited shipment to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. After reviewing the performance of the vehicle from its second test-firing in mid-March, NASA and Boeing agreed that the stage could be reconfigured from testing to launch.

SpaceX Conducts Cryogenic Test on Starship SN15

On April 13, Starship SN15 went through the cryogenic proof test. The cryo-test ensures if a spaceship is able to withstand in-flight atmospheric pressures and extremely low temperatures. This is achieved by simulating the in-flight conditions by filling the Starship with liquid nitrogen that has a temperature of −196 °C [−320 °F].