Report on Compact Linear Collider

An interview with Dr. Philippe Lebrun, former head of the Accelerator Technology Department for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), where he discusses plans for the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC). CLIC is in the conceptual design phase, not yet approved. Although aiming at the same goal for physics, i.e. colliding electrons and positrons at high center-of-mass energy, CLIC would use a different technology from the International Linear Collider. It would be a shorter machine using non-superconducting Radio Frequency technology. This machine would go to higher accelerating gradients than the ILC for the same final energy.

Garbincius reports on International Workshop on Linear Colliders (IWLC2010)

From ILC Newsline, October 28, Director's Corner with Peter H. Garbincius, Global Design Effort Cost Manager: The International Linear Collider community has typically held major meetings twice a year where the accelerator and physics and detector people come together, both to review the status of and make progress in their own disciplines, and to work together in areas of mutual concern, such as the beam and luminosity requirements to attain the desired science goals.