Physicists Discover New Type of Quantum Material

An international team of researchers led by physicists at Rice University has stumbled upon a theoretical result that could help experimental physicists create a "Weyl-Kondo semimetal," a quantum material with an assorted collection of properties seen in disparate materials like topological insulators, heavy fermion metals and high-temperature superconductors.

Dark Energy Survey Publicly Releases Data Trove

Scientists on the Dark Energy Survey publicly released data from the project's first three years during a special session held at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington DC. The release includes information on about 400 million astronomical objects, from distant galaxies billions of light-years away to stars in our own galaxy.

MSU Establishes Cryogenic Initiative at FRIB

The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) should garner a lot of attention in 2022 when it first delivers the intense beams that scientists will use to study everything from nuclear astrophysics to fundamental interactions and applications for society including in medicine, homeland security and industry. But the facility is already quietly serving as a world-class research, teaching and training center for Michigan State University (MSU), the facility’s host, combining cryogenics, accelerator and superconducting radio frequency sciences and technology.

Niowave’s Electron Linacs Target New Projects

From the quaint neighborhood streets that run alongside its perimeter, Niowave, Inc. appears as unassuming as the converted local elementary school from which it operates. But inside, where water fountains and toilets still perch low to the ground and footsteps echo off hallway lockers, its employees have assumed the once impenetrable goal of adopting superconducting accelerator technology to a range of challenges from homeland security to health care.