Cryogenics at the European Spallation Source

The European Spallation Source (ESS) is an intergovernmental project building a multidisciplinary research laboratory based upon the world’s most powerful neutron source. The facility will be built in Lund, Sweden. The ESS will use a linear accelerator (linac), which will deliver protons with 5 MW of power to the target at 2.5 GeV, with a nominal current of 50 mA. Three separate cryoplants are foreseen to guarantee the necessary cryogenic cooling capacity for the entire facility. This overview of the system was provided by Dr. Wolfgang Hees, Group Leader Cryogenics and Vacuum, European Spallation Source.

Cryogenics Conference Moves to Dresden

Held in Dresden, Germany, for the first time, September 11-14, the international Cryogenics conference attracted 150 participants from 23 nations with 54 lectures and 28 posters presented. The exhibition comprised 18 companies. Students from the European Course of Cryogenics, sponsored by TU Dresden, which was held in the city at the same time, also took advantage of the opportunity to attend.