ASC Attendees Spend Event-Filled Week

This year’s Applied Superconductivity Conference, ASC14, hosted 1,523 attendees from 36 countries, with 791 papers submitted for peer review. Held at the Charlotte NC Convention Center, August 10-15, the event’s theme was “Race to Energy Efficiency,” incorporating the racecar theme of its proximity to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, which was located close to the convention center and the conference hotel.

The Future with Cryogenic Fluid Dynamics

The applications of cryogenic systems have expanded over the past 50 years into many areas of our lives. This article will discuss the likely impact of cryogenic fluid dynamics on future cryogenic systems, and hopefully inspire further research to support and expand the use of existing findings and to improve the economy of present-day systems even more effectively.


Regenerators or regenerative heat exchangers are a key component of cryocoolers such as pulse tube cryocoolers (Cold Facts, August 2014). Regenerator performance greatly affects the coefficient of performance of cryocoolers. Improvements in regenerator design and, in particular, regenerator materials have been an important factor in the improvement of the performance of cryocoolers below 10K. A … Continue reading Regenerators