Jlab to test new ALON® windows for RF accelerators

This ALON optical ceramic, manufactured by Surmet Corporation, Burlington, Massachusetts, will be evaluated as a high power RF window material to replace the current “opaque” alumina window. At Jlab, ALON’s properties, such as thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient and dielectric properties, will be measured down to liquid helium temperatures.

Linde’s breakthrough spiral freezer helps high production baker maintain competitive edge

Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has installed its newly launched CRYOLINE® XF (Cross Flow) cryogenic spiral freezer at one of US-based Omni Baking Company’s plants in New Jersey. This high capacity compact freezer significantly increases frozen food productivity, reduces the amount of liquid nitrogen needed in the food freezing process and lowers maintenance and sanitation costs for food producers.