MIT Discovers Material that Performs as Both Topological Insulator and Superconductor

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology reports that the exact same material can be turned into either a topological insulator or a superconductor. The new findings reveal that in a single-layer crystal form, at temperatures from less than 1 K to the liquid nitrogen range of -320°F, hosts three distinct phases, including topologically insulating, metallic and superconducting.

Why Physics Needs a Post-LHC Collider

The Large Hadron Collider is the most powerful particle accelerator ever built, and scientists there have pushed the frontiers of particle physics past old boundaries, achieving higher energies and greater numbers of collisions than ever before. So far all the colliders up through the LHC have revealed particles that behave in perfect accord with the Standard Model. But we might detect new particles by pushing the frontiers of experimental particle physics with new detectors that take us beyond that model. Read more from Forbes.