CERN Focused on Transforming LHCb and Upgrading ALICE

A period of maintenance and upgrade work is well underway at CERN, part of a technical break called Long Shutdown 2. Planned LS2 projects involve either upgrading or replacing sub-detectors at ALICE, while the Large Hadron Collider team is focused on increasing the proton–proton collision rate at LHCb by a factor of five. Such advances are being covered in detail by CERN, with extended coverage of several projects planned throughout the next two years.

UCSD Students Prepared to Launch Vulcan II

A team of engineering students from UC San Diego has developed a test rocket that features a 3D printed engine that incorporates liquid oxygen and kerosene RP-1. The updated rocket is called Vulcan II, and represents a vessel the students will attempt to launch roughly six miles into the atmosphere during a collegiate competition in the Mojave Desert.