Cryogenic Treatment Database is relaunched under CSA auspices

The Cryogenic Treatment Database (CTD) has been relaunched with a new, sleek look, an improved search function, and is now an official CSA Web site. The CTD was created and debuted online in 2009 to encourage scientific research in the field of cryogenic treatment by providing a public and central source for information relating to the cryogenic treatment industry.  It grew out of efforts by the Cryogenic Society of America and the Cryogenic Treatment Committee of the ASM to bring together information from many sources to support the use of cryogenic treatment through scientific research. U.S. Cryogenics, a cryogenic treatment provider and CSA Corporate Sustaining Member, partnered with CSA to create the initial Database and to make it available publicly. CSA now maintains and hosts the Database. By supporting a scientific approach to the subject of cryogenic treatment of materials, the Society seeks to promote better understanding of the process, with the hope that this will eventually lead to standards that make statistical measurement and documented and repeatable results possible. The Database articles are organized into two major categories: Informational articles and Scientific articles.  Submitted articles are reviewed by the Cryogenic Treatment Database Review Committee, a volunteer committee comprised of experts in metallurgy from industry, academia and government. The Committee reviews each submission to determine its relevance, scientific purpose and findings. If the Committee agrees that the inclusion of the article would provide additional, useful information for the Database, the article is approved and placed on the list of articles to be added at the next quarterly update. The Cryogenic Society of America welcomes submission of articles for consideration to be included in the Cryogenic Treatment Database. The CSA website provides some general information about cryogenic treatment as well as a list of companies engaged in this area of industry. CSA invites visitors to submit changes and additions to this list as a way to keep it up to date. Send your comments to Laurie Huget, CSA Executive Director,  708/383-6220 x222.


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