TRIUMF Celebrates New Five-Year Plan

The scientific community at TRIUMF (CSA CSM) recently gathered at its Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory to celebrate the new Five-Year Plan for 2020-2025. It defines both the vision and mission for Canada's particle accelerator center, communicating the lab’s goals and strategies while laying out an action plan for the specified cycle and beyond.

Celebrate Dark Matter Day 2018

Institutions around the world will celebrate Dark Matter Day throughout October, with events highlighting experiments that could bring us closer to solving the cosmic riddle of dark matter. The Interactions Collaboration, an international community of particle physics communication specialists, is the celebration's sponsor. Information on local events is available on its website.

Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman Dies at 96

Leon Lederman, a Nobel Prize winner who served as Fermilab’s director from 1978 to 1989, died at age 96 on October 3 at a nursing home in Rexburg ID. Lederman's overall career spanned more than 60 years, a time period where he was known as both a trail-blazing researcher responsible for several breakthroughs and one who possessed a passion for science education.