How Industrial Gas Firms Are Meeting Medical Oxygen Demand for COVID-19 Patients

Gas companies worldwide have ramped up delivery of gas cylinders and are installing new on-site liquid oxygen tanks and supply systems in hospitals as demand surges for medical oxygen to treat patients with COVID-19. The European Industrial Gases Association says members such as Air Liquide (CSA CSM) and Linde (CSA CSM) are experiencing five to ten times the usual demand for medical O2.

Tempshield Publishes “How to Care for Cryogenic Gloves and PPE in Age of Infection”

Whether mitigating the risk of COVID-19, Norovirus or the common flu, it’s vital that researchers and other front-line workers can avoid infection while doing their jobs. As such, proper care and cleaning of cryogenic gloves, cryogenic protection, face shields and other personal protective equipment (PPE) cannot be overlooked. Tempshield (CSA CSM) outlines steps you can take that—when combined with manufacturer-provided care recommendations—can help minimize risk while maintaining productivity.

FDA Clears ‘World’s First’ Portable, Low Cost MRI following Positive Clinical Research

The US Food and Drug Administration has provided clearance to the “world’s first” bedside MRI system. Connecticut-based Hyperfine said it will begin shipping its portable, low field modalities this summer. The machine’s 510(k) FDA clearance was granted as Yale researchers reported accurate and safe results from tests involving brain readings of stroke victims.

Linde Cryogenics Supplies First of Kind Helium Recovery System to Sumitomo Cryogenics

In late March, Linde Cryogenics (CSA CSM) delivered a modular helium recovery system to Sumitomo Cryogenics of America, Inc's (CSA CSM) Allentown PA production facility. By capturing and recycling helium from production operations, the system is expected to reduce consumption of purchased helium at the facility by 70%. The system is engineered to fully integrate with SHI’s operation with no added operator intervention.

SLAC Researchers Use Cryo-EM to Discover Giant Cavity in Key Tuberculosis Molecule

Researchers from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory using Cryo-EM technology have discovered a strange new feature of a protein that’s thought to be important in the treatment of tuberculosis. The protein contains a highly unusual “huge” interior pocket that appears capable of passing a wide range of other molecules into the bacterial cell.