Cryogenic Submerged Motor Pumps Sales to Increase by 1.4x as Demand for LNG Grows by 3.8%

Cryogenic submerged motor pumps market to top $2.5 bn driven by increasing demand for natural gas. In its new study, Fact.MR offers a holistic overview of the pricing analysis and trends of the global cryogenic submerged motor pumps market. In addition, it highlights detailed information about major growth opportunities, drivers, and restraints across the leading segments including product, end-use and application across major regions.

Valcor Release Cryogenic Launch Vehicle Valves White Paper

One of the biggest challenges to designing valves for launch vehicle applications, particularly for the upper stages, is meeting flow requirements within tight envelope and weight specifications. Valcor, a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of pilot-operated valves capable of achieving high flows in a compact and lightweight design, has released a new White Paper about cryogenic launch vehicle valve solutions.