Using MLI on VJ Line Joints or Cryo Storage Tanks

When installing Multi Layer Insulation (MLI) blankets on VJ line joints or cryo storage tanks should they be wrapped and tied down tight or loose? These are usually pre-cut to size. Also should they have an access hole at the point of where the molecular sieve is installed to help the evacuation of the sieve?

One thought on “Using MLI on VJ Line Joints or Cryo Storage Tanks

  1. —MLI should never be wrapped tightly.
    —We recommend layer by layer spiral wrapping of reflector and spacer material, not blankets.
    —The cold getter should be wrapped in a thin annular layer around the cold pipe and held in place with a brass or stainless steel screen. The insulation can be wrapped around the getter.
    —The hydrogen getter should be contained in an external tube communicating with the vacuum space. Activation of the hydrogen getter must be done after evacuation is complete but before the vacuum pump is disconnected.

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